Data Center Access Data Protection

Data Center Access

Access to our data center is highly protected. We have set up different levels of security measures to keep all your data in safe hands. Have a look on the different operating security checks:

1. Staff receptionist at the building entrance
2. Doors control with electronic badges checkup for the access to the main building
3. Finger print readers from China telecom’s IDC which guarantee the highest security rate.

Each data center has more than 2 different networks path. Each link entrance to the building is located in different position in order to maximize security. A security center is equipped within the cloud computing center to ensure the safety of the data center of physical assets. The center is responsible for the whole building fire control, security and monitoring, control and management of mechanical and electrical equipment. 

The whole data center room area has:
Restricted Access✓ One entry and one exit
Full Checkup✓ Inward and outward with 24x7 professional security
Security Patrol✓ A 24x7 professional security guards patrol
Fast Detection✓ Perimeter intrusion detection
High Protection✓ Infrared building anti-collision isolation

Data Protection

Physical Security

  • Monitoring of building 24/7
  • CCTV camera supervision network inside and outside the buildings 
  • Anti-intrusion system / Audio-visual alarms 
  • Permanent security guards on site  

Fire Detection

  • Automatic alarm system responsive to fires
  • Smoke detector and temperature
  • Infrared beam detector
  • FM-200 extinguishing system by gas