Servers Architecture Consulting

Servers Architecture

Logo MagentoWe host Magento websites on our infrastructure with engineers whose experts at designing, implementing and managing your website for consistently exceptional performance. 

Magento Ecommerce solutions are flexible, scalable and designed to help you grow and succeed online. This cost-effective technology platform makes it possible for you to control the content, functionality and design of your online store for an optimal customer shopping experience.


Consulting NewTo meet the demands of your workload, Ecritel can deploy a customized solution to satisfy your requirements. We create customized solutions for your critical applications from high-availability and fault-tolerance to data-intensive operations and everything in-between.

Business Consulting

To covers each client’s specificities, we offer consulting services to help you analyze, choose or design the right solutions for your business. Our sales manager, with our IT engineers, will determine the technical needs and help we can bring so the solution fit your company. 

Security Consulting

No business can prevent incidents and disasters from happening, nor can we avoid them. However, we can implement preventive measures and be prepared to be back on track quickly and easily when such scenarios happen.

Work with our engineers to size and deploy your solution on Ecritel Cloud Center, our Managed Hosting Platform, or on a dedicated cloud. We offer a variety of options with an emphasize on security and prevention. Our physical platforms are fully secured with backup and replication so that no data can be lost, ensuring business continuity.

Performance Consulting

Data Hosting

You are experiencing: downturn, high traffic on site, traffic spikes, on site failures or errors?

We will work with you to define your resources and performance requirements to ensure an optimal use of your servers. Ecritel’s Cloud Center is extremely flexible and accommodating. Leave these bad experiences to the past by collaborating with Ecritel.

Architecture Migration

Speed up to the next steps and bring your systems into our Ecritel Cloud Center. Our engineers will work with you to develop the procedures required to successfully migrate your systems onto our Cloud Center. Each step will be guided and closely followed by our team to ensure a seamless transition.