Public Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud could prove to be a preferable solution as it provides easy access to IT resources at an affordable cost. You are spared of the investment costs on the hardware as well as the data center management. We are qualified to help identify, design and manage the right cloud solutions for you.

Public Cloud Partner

Based on our experience in the field, we have carefully selected a handful list of trusted partners offering you the option to select a platform without the hassle to check or compare the background.

You will have access to scalable architecture based on a Public Cloud infrastructure tailored to your requirements.

Aliyun: Alibaba Cloud

Logo AliyunExpand your business to Asia and around the world with Alibaba Cloud.

Ecritel is an Alibaba managed services partner with the aim to help you maximize benefits from your investment. Let us manage the operations’ complexity and provide you support on data migration to facilitate the transfer and limit inconvenience as much as we can.

Alibaba Cloud Key Figures
18 data centers region
42 zones available
1000+ CDN nodes
Security standard: Germany's C5 standard, ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification in China, and the EU GDPR for data protection and privacy

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud operates in China via a partnership with 21Vianet, a trusted and reliable Chinese Cloud provider delivering the quality and reliability that meet Microsoft Azure standard.

Logo AzureAs many businesses have invested in Microsoft technologies, most have chosen to move into Microsoft Azure. However, accessing the resources and Azure expertise to handle architecture design, security and operations can be complex and very difficult to achieve. Assistance is needed in dealing with the complexity of the cloud platform and migration. At Ecritel, we have the expertise to lead the project successfully. With our long experience in assisting brands expanding their business in China, we know how to cope with the challenges and find the right solution to each problem.

Mailing Service with Office 365 in China

Office 365Keep working regardless your location and the devices you use. We provide you the tool and support you need to thrive on your businesses. Working outside of office or sharing your work has never been as convenient as today thanks to office 365 features, hosted in China.

Amazon AWS

Logo AmazonAmazon AWS is another alternative with a secure, reliable and scalable information technology platform. 

Ecritel manage Amazon AWS in a way to help you drive your business growth. Let us handle the cloud operations and we provide you the optimal performance and an efficient use of the powerful AWS platform you invested in. 

Low Ongoing CostMultiple pricing models. AWS uses economies of scale and ongoing efficiency improvements to continually lower price.
Flexible CapacityPossibility to provision the amount of resources at any moment with easy scalability and turn off.
Speed & AgilityCreate and deploy easily applications and operations as AWS enables hundreds and even more compute nodes to be deployed in minutes, without any prior notice.
Global ReachDeliver great performance to a broadly distributed user base in multiple geographies using the same AWS technologies operating in different locations.