Magento acquisition: What’s next for Adobe?

The latest deed came from Adobe, which revealed on May, 22nd 2018 the acquisition of Magento, a specialist in Ecommerce software for $1.68 billion. Magento is an Ecommerce software company that offer large range of services from the online store creation, related transactions management to products delivery and return system.  

Magento is primarily focused on SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) customers while Adobe specifically targets the larger companies. Nonetheless, the firm just made a breach to the open source solution and the communities that surround it. Indeed, the Cloud platform of Adobe combined to the new division of Magento, will have access to the developer ecosystem with a network of thousands of partners. That interaction means, an easy access to prebuilt extensions, including payment, shipping, tax and logistics: all the valuable tools that help Ecommerce business thrives. 

Adobe can now provide a fully dedicated system to Ecommerce that would enhance its Experience Cloud platform. The comprehensive system will place the B2B and B2C shopping experience at the core as it enables clients to design the digital adds as well as the online store and enjoy the management tools that come along.

This acquisition also means Adobe will now compete with industry heavyweights such as SAP Hybris, Oracle and last but not least Salesforce, a cloud-based software company which offers similar functionality including its own marketing, sales and service offerings in the cloud.