MPLS VPN Load balancing Firewall


The MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) enables our Shanghai Datacenter to be directly linked to those based in France. Clients’ servers from both side enjoy a fast and easy connection which ensure a higher performance of the network.



A VPN enables you to leverage the Internet for your company network rather than using costly rented connections. It is ideal for enabling secure (encrypted) remote communications and to address inherent security issues with some applications or intranets. Exchange information safely and securely over a VPN configured and maintained by Ecritel.

Our offer includesAdvantages
Analysis of your security requirementsSingle service provider (Ecritel)
Recommendations for a solutionConnection to a reliable network
Design, installation and deployment on your corporate networkMaximum security
Management and maintenanceA high-speed network


    Load balancing

    The Cisco ACE load balancing service allows you to distribute the load of your application across multiple servers. This solution simplifies the scalability of your applications and is ideal for e-commerce websites during marketing events, for example.

    load balancing


    The Firewall service ensures protection of your data. To better meet your needs, Ecritel offers dedicated and shared solutions with different options in order to meet the requirements of your applications.

    Our shared offerings are configured as a cluster for high-availability and fault-tolerance in case of failure of component.

    The dedicated solutions are fully customizable.