Ecritel hosts Cache-Cache and Bonobo Jeans e-commerce site

The two famous brands of Beaumanoir Group benefit from value-added hosting capacities offered by Ecritel, the web host supplier of e-retailers, in China.

Press release - Paris / Shanghai, 29th of April 2014

Ecritel China, the subsidiary of Ecritel in Mainland China, operates e-retailers customers of the web hoster in this country, which has over half a billion users and will be the first global trading market online from the next year. Ecritel China provides Cache-Cache ( and Bonobo Jeans ( high availability infrastructure interconnected with the main local internet operators (China Telecom, China Unicom, China mobile, ...) and coupled to a Content Delivery Network operated by CDN Tech Asia, local subsidiary of Ecritel. Maximum accessibility and availability are waiting for.

Supporting e-retailers worldwide

With this new development, Ecritel demonstrates its ability to support its customers by offering a proven and repeatable methodology on every continent, even in China, combined with innovative and controlled technologies.

Cache-Cache and Bonobo Jeans’ platform, developed through hybris Software e-commerce software solutions, integrates thirty physical and virtual Linux servers for pre-production, production and operational continuity (Disaster Recovery Plan).

« We implemented the process of deployment on the pre-production and on the production after validation. This may seem trivial in Europe but is an achievement in China, where it is more difficult to replicate proven methods, » says Matthieu Vérove, Director of Ecritel China. « We have also innovated by introducing the GlusterFS service that synchronizes data between servers instead of a conventional NFS (Network File System) for better performance of service. »

For more customer satisfaction

The platform is hosted, monitored 24/7 and maintained in operational condition by Ecritel China with commitments of services similar to those we know in Europe, both in terms of response time as recovery time.

« We launched our own e-commerce site (hybris platform - for the brand Cache-Cache China in December 2013 and it is quite naturally that we chose Ecritel, the historical web hoster of our corporate website (
Beyond the hosting part and the level 3 support, the Ecritel teams have adapted and get out of their usual perimeter taking responsibilities for deployments of versions. They also advised us on the structuring of our technical architecture to best meet the requirements in terms of quality of service of Chinese Internet users.
Ecritel was clearly a key element in the success of our project.»
underlines Hugo Aguado, IT & Process Manager, of Beaumanoir Asia.