VPN technology (Virtual Private Networks) enables you to use the Internet for your company network rather than costly rented connections.

Why choose a VPN?

VPN solutions are well-adapted to the problems of securing remote communications. If you are looking to secure access to your applications or websites, VPN solutions make it possible:

  • For companies whose sites are located geographically far apart to exchange information in total security
  • To exchange information in total security from a nomadic workstation or a workstation connected to the network by means of a simple modem

You can connect to our datacentres using a workstation in total security, thanks to a VPN tunnel.

Our package includes

  • Studying your security requirements
  • Recommending solutions

  • The installation and configuration of equipment on the company’s network
  • The adaptation of the datacentre’s active components
  • The supervision and maintenance of the VPN system

The advantages

  • A single service provider for all of your business units
  • Connection to a reliable network
  • Maximum security
  • 1 solution for all remote connections
  • A high-speed network