Is loading time your weak point? Is it holding your business back? In that case our acceleration solutions are what you need! To reduce latency times, Ecritel proposes acceleration and fall-back services for applications and for web, mobile, video and e-commerce content. With greater capacity and an even more reliable service, our solutions can be deployed quickly and are undeniably effective.

Our CDN solutions

  • Caching service : to bring your (cachable) content closer to the end user for faster distribution
  • Advanced DNS : IP address geolocation and mapping
  • Real-time monitoring and management

Acceleration for all content types

  • Static & dynamic
  • Web & Mobile
  • Audio & video
  • “Live” & “On demand” streaming

6 reasons to choose us

1. Reduce loading times
2. Optimise the distribution of memory-intensive content
3. Manage traffic peaks
4. Maximise the availability of your service
5. Enhance network security
6. Improve the performance of your infrastructure