System and network infrastructure of Ecritel China are located in China Unicom and China Telecom datacentres.

Ecritel China’s IP connectivity is done via Cogent and Level 3 operators.

An international presence

Ecritel is settled in the main economical zones and continues its development.

  • North America : Montréal (Canada), New York (USA)
  • South America : São Paulo (Brasil)
  • Europe : Paris (France)
  • Asia : Shanghai (China)

Efficient infrastructure

  • Datacentres : 7 datacentres in the world. For its dual locations in Montréal-New York, Paris and Shanghai, sites are distant of more than 5km.
  • Point of presence : linked to the main peering points and transit operators.
  • CDN : multi-operators delivery offering a 30000 servers capacity (with 4 operators) located in Europe, North and South America and Pacific Asia.

Secure Infrastructure

  • Security Policy : total redundancy, control and flux optimisation, load balancing, security equipment and network supervision...
  • Access Control : personal badges, authorisations checking...
  • Site Supervision : video supervision, no entry system, audio-video alerts, 24/7/365 on site presence....
  • Fire Detection : smoke detection system in every rooms, fire alarm, fire extinguishers...
  • Electrical Maintenance : regular maintenance, monthly simulation, generators...