How becoming a partner?

Have a look at the partnerships alternatives with Ecritel China.


  • Reselling our services (under the distributor’s brand)
  • Distributing our services
  • Dedicated area : you’ll have a dedicated area in which you can host your clients
  • Tenders : you involve Ecritel to win a tender and subsequently select the partnership
  • Ready to sell : we propose a "ready to sell" architecture.
  • Tailored : if our packages do not meet your needs, in that case we can work with you to assemble THE package which suits you best
  • Indirect invoicing
  • Recurrent commission
  • Training centre: Ecritel can train you in the technologies it uses and markets to transform you into a skilled partner able to propose our services and advise your clients
  • Communication : To help you get our range of services better known, we can commit to joint publicity and marketing activities