Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting means that you’ll have your own servers available to run your websites or business applications with peace of mind.

Tailored solutions

We provide solutions based on physical or virtual servers enabling you to select:

  • The available power
  • The RAM
  • The storage capacity
  • The bandwidth
  • The administration aspects
  • The backup policy

We work with you to define the physical space you require and advise you which hardware architecture to select.

Hosting your architecture

Have you already acquired your hardware platform and you would like us to host it?

We will work with you to define the physical space you require, connect your architecture to our network and help you to select the guaranteed bandwidth you need.

Architecture migration

Would you like to transfer the hosting of your systems to one of our datacentres?

Our teams will advise you on the steps involved and will provide support throughout the transfer process in order to limit service interruptions as far as possible. We will also assess your requirements and calculate the required bandwidth.

Ideal for...

  • High traffic websites requiring short response times
  • E-commerce type applications which must combine availability with security
  • Extranet or intranet type professional applications requiring a robust and reliable architecture