Cloud computing (IaaS)

Your business requires a high degree of responsiveness from your information system. The Ecritel Cloud is well adapted to changes in your activities and can support you as you grow. Based on an entirely virtualised software infrastructure and a high-quality hardware infrastructure, the Ecritel Cloud guarantees you optimal security, performance and flexibility. Outsource your infrastructure and retain control of your information system!

Our Cloud - IaaS packages

  • Public : you will have access to scalable architecture based on a shared Cloud infrastructure tailored to your requirements.
  • Private : you will have access to a dedicated Cloud architecture based on high-quality infrastructure, managed by specialists in virtualised environments.
  • Hybrid : according to your budgetary constraints or your business, we can assemble a hybrid Cloud infrastructure combining internal/external or public/private elements.

Cloud response time : Ecritel at the top

Among the main cloud operator in China, Ecritel is the first in the ranking established by Cedexis on the response time for hosted websites.

The response time in China is currently the main issue you may face, due to the specification of ‘’Great Firewall Network’’. Ecritel really focus on performances for its client services and their access to application from China.

7 reasons to choose us

  • Tailored resources : Our platforms are scaled to suit customer’s requirements, ensuring that they are fully adapted to our clients’ needs.
  • Upgradability :Enjoy the benefits of flexible operation which keeps pace with changes in your business activities (i.e. special events, activity peaks, etc.).
  • Elasticity : All the advantages of maximum performance, with a structure able to absorb and keep pace with major audience peaks.
  • Availability : To ensure continuity, Ecritel provides an availability rate in excess of 99.99% (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).
  • Reliability : Ecritel’s Infrastructure as a Service is fully redundant in order to guarantee continuous service.
  • Speed : Easier and less restrictive to set up, the Ecritel Cloud Infrastructure can be rapidly deployed.
  • Environment : When you choose the Cloud, your energy costs are reduced, making you more environmentally friendly.