Ecritel places its high capacity backup infrastructure at your disposal (totalling several dozen Tb), guaranteeing reliability, security and a high level of availability.

Our backup solutions

  • Standard pooled backup : Our standard policy guarantees a daily (seven days a week), weekly and monthly backup of hosting systems and describes our data retention policy.
  • Dedicated tailored backup : At the time the hosting solution is established, you will define your own backup policy including: the data and the volume to be backed up daily, the data retention rules and the choice of equipment.
  • Backup tracking : Our centralised tracking system enables us to check each day on the satisfactory operation of the backups and to perform quality checks.
Shared - standard Dedicated - tailored
  • Backup tool: Netvault
  • Storage device SAN
  • Remontée : bandes LTO4
According to preference
  • Daily: incremental
  • Weekly: complete
  • Monthly: monthly
According to preference
Archiving Stored in a fire retardant container

Outsource your backups

Ecritel can handle the backup of your servers even if these are not located on its hosting platform.

  • Outsourced solutions: Ecritel proposes solutions involving the connection of your network to our backup system or a totally specific remote backup solution based on a connection dedicated to backups.
  • Our monitoring procedures ensure the satisfactory performance of backups and you have access to an interface enabling you to proceed with restorations.